Cosmo Bee



Pioneering mobility beyond space

Driving force of space mobility

With the advent of 'New space' era, various space missions, including Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations and deep space explorations, are escalating.

Cosmo Bee, a lab startup in KAIST, designs electric propulsion systems built on technological innovations and R&D heritage over 20 years.

Cosmo Bee provides customized and optimized electric propulsion total solutions developed by the finest facility, researchers, and technology in the Republic of Korea.

With Cosmo Bee, extend the capabilities of your missions and reach faster and further to the stars.


Executives and staff members
of Cosmo Bee

2023 ~ NOW

Cosmo Bee

  1. 2023
    1. 11
      • 2nd half of 2023 KAIST E*5, Grand Prize
      • Selected for Ministry of SMEs and Startups TIPS
        (Tech Incubator Program for startup Korea) program
    2. 10
      • 2023 Startup Contest of Institutes of Science
        and Technology Participation Award
      • Acquired Certificate of Venture Company
    3. 09
      • 2023 Aerospace Technology Startup Academy, Grand Prize
    4. 08
      • Received seed investment
      • 3rd Nuclear Innovation Startup Contest, Excellence Prize
    5. 07
      • Established Cosmo Bee (Cosmo Bee Corp.)